So…… it’s been a loooooong time since I wore on my blog, I have been so busy! Constantly working commissions which is amazing, I have done some fantastically unique and quirky stuff recently, have a browse in the gallery on the website or in my instagram feed.

Guess what….after all this time waiting I finally have a workshop! YAY! No more working in the house, it’s made such a huge difference, I have a lovely log burner in there for those cold winter days, I have my audio books to keep me company, and I just get lost in my work. I cannot tell you how satisfying my work is and how passionate I am about it. There is still so much more I want to achieve along with a brand new web site for 2019. I’m afraid my Ruby may be on her last legs and I am having to use the van which I hate! I’ve had a difficult year health wise but overall I am a happy bunny. SHABBY SHACK is now a local name and most people around me know me or know my business. Onwards and upwards and may the future be bright xxxxx


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