Wisdom Teeth 

Ok, so I had a wisdom tooth removed a couple of weeks ago after waiting 10 years since a really traumatic extraction, I can tell you now I realise why I waited so long! For those who know what a ‘dry socket’ ( nothing to do with tools or sexual innuendo) can bring I’m sure you send me all your empathy….it is an excruciating healing process ( I was almost on deaths door I’m sure I saw a white light at some point ) anyhow I can’t drink any alcohol while I’m on my anti biotics and this is starting to give me the shakes now it’s almost a week!!! However now poses the infinite question….. now I have had my last wisdom tooth removed will I now go down a steady decline, my mind resembling that of Benjamin buckets body? Will I start to make ridiculous childish decisions? Will I go thro a mid life crisis? Will I start to throw huge tantrums wherever I am when things go wrong because I can’t reason anymore ( oh wait… I do that every month anyway) Will I start to give my children useless advice encouraging them to throw all their aspiring plans in the wind and run away with a rock star? Will my friends come to me for advice for me to just encourage them to do a Shirley valentine???? Will I start pole dancing and set the ta ta’s free while on a business lunch? I’m really scared now all my wisdom teeth have gone…..it’s strange, have you thought of how many bits and pieces we have in our bodies that we don’t actually ‘need’ or can live easily without? Appendix? Tonsils? Thyroid? A kidney? A lung? A boob? A finger/Toe but none of the latter effect our rationing like the ‘wisdom teeth’ now I am just a fool a hapless jester dancing, and licking windows while painting pretty colours, what if I forget how to paint??!!! On a brighter note ? while I have lost my marbles, please take advantage of a silly offer I’m running with (because iv lost my teeth) and quote this blog to me to receive a 30% discount on any new commision booked in before the end of 2017…..that’s if I haven’t totally lost the plot by then ??? happy weekend to you all xxx  


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