Sunshine on a Rainy day…

How’s the song go? Well that what’s been going on in my neck of the woods today, lovely hot day for painting (too hot really for the paint to keep from skinning) but nice getting a tan while working and enjoying an ice cold cider! I need overalls that let the uv light thro so I don’t get any more stupid lines, my ‘white bits’ are like milk bottles and my arms and back look like iv been sunning abroad, I look stupid naked! Anyhow I’m now in the bath scrubbing off the days paint so this was my day… I oooof this huge chest of drawers outdoors set up my paint stuff and tools, halfway thro painting it looks like it’s going to start persisting it down and everything has to come in ( not so easy when there’s just one of me) today I got lucky and roped in a visiting nomad namely my adopted brother who calls in on me most days trying to give me ‘advice’using his ‘artistic talent’ he thinks he has, like purple and orange will look nice with a bit of glitter!?  You can imagine that some days of the month I’m a little less tolerant! Anyway made an excellent start on this weeks commission pieces and have been creating some more bespoke handles for the drawers using old crochet Doilys painted then glued onto painted wood knobs (pics attached) this week should see the set finished, French blue Wedgwood style, very pretty! Ok well I have to scrub off this paint and wash my locks… Speak soon bloggers X 


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