Summers coming

Hello strangers! Not written my blog for quite some time! It’s Been a crazy time! Family stuff and a shoulder Op. Would like to say I’m OK now but I’m not convinced! Consultant said another Op may be on the cards. So I’m taking a day at a time. It put me so behind with commissions but I soon caught up, my little fingers were smoking from how fast I was working without a break! I need a Cleaner desperately, it’s so hard running a smooth house and being self employed in a manual job, it’s always stupid o’clock before I hang up tools in the workshop. I have been burning the candle at both ends by having several nights on the toon (painting again obvs red) feel like iv got me mojo back. Also I am now an #autentico supplier so any paint or artisan products can be ordered via moi! It’s coming to my fave time of year for painting again! Out in the yard sun beaming down, cheeky spritzer late afternoon….. Oh the joys of working from home. I think I Could quite easily live by the beach somewhere warm working in the sunshine and selling furiture in the street, drinking cocktails and dipping in the sea to cool off every hour 😍😍😍 the Sunshine lightening my hair and darkening my skin….listening to Bob Marley….. Ohhhhhhh Im there right now ❤️ somebody take me away from all of this. My Ruby has been out of service do now the sunshine is here I need her back on the road, lid down wind in my hair, shabby shack buzzing about the streets like a gangster in the ghetto! Ciao bambinos….. Speak sooooooon x x x


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