“Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!”


It’s been a while since my last blog, my WordPress has been down so I have a lot of updates and photos to add on the site….

Ok….. so Saturday I bought this little cuty, and the old ‘pin up’ needed a bit of a makeover! So I gave her one in my typical ‘painting style’ using my beloved autentico passion red mixed with oxblood, mixed with light brown autentico wax…I brushed it well into that lush Ruby leather and give it a right good buffin!!! I need to do the roof now! Autentico is so versatile, and the wax is so forgiving and amenable to work with, made from natural products so it’s safe and can be used on a MASSIVE RANGE of things not just wood! Leather sofas to clean and to protect, shoes, worktops, and of course add some water based paint to it to colour the wax for coloured leather and shoes and it has a million more uses!!! Even cars! Other than painting and waxing my new car, I am in the middle of a kitchen revamp for a Customer, that’s going well so far, the paint goes on like a velvet dream, AND I’m having another room in my house revamped, it was the old outdoor vintage washroom and now it is going to be my indoor utility! I will be so bored when all my house is done I will have to start to do other people’s!!! So much to do so little time! I feel very stressed but very happy, I hope 2017 is going to be MY YEAR, business is great and as you know I luuuuuurve my job, each week is a different challenge and learning new techniques all the time….. anyway after just another manic Monday I’m signing off to drink wine! I have to drink because my 5 year old drives me to the bottle, I used to feel so young and vibrant now I feel like a right moaning old hag! The drink and the solpodol keeps me sane and relaxed along with my Christian Dior makeup purchases which my besty (who happens to be a counter manager for Dior) helps me choose…?kerching…. a girl HAS to have some little indulgence and vice ? nighty night peeps ???


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