Paella Bath Bomb

It’s been a while since my last blog…. mainly due to the fact that I write 99% of my blogs while in the bath…. and recently life has been too hectic for luxurious baths so quick showers have been the way forward! I actually do think showers are far more hygienic, I am looking at my bath water right now and it looks like I have spilled my tea in here (I’m eating a dish of paella whist writing this just so you can get a grasp of my situation) Iv popped a bath bomb in and it had all those dried petaly things in and now I can’t wash my hair in the water, and any moment now my 6 year old will be joining me for bath time games and stories! No rest for the wicked (I must be very bad indeed) Today we have been emptying my garages of furniture ( there’s ALOT ) and moving it all to another storage ready to make them into a workshop at long last! I must say I have some lovely pieces in stock waiting for my special touch…..Whilst loading the 3rd van and horse box full I get a call from school for a meeting I should have been at! Bad mother alert, so have to leave that and get my priorities in order! I have a really busy couple of months ahead with lots of lovely jobs booked in, and tomorrow,  first job after our indulgent week to Portugal ALONE with NO kids I make a start on a black and white and red Art Deco style dining set. Christmas will be here before we can say Jack Frost and there’s so much to do before then, well bye for now,  my hair I didn’t want to get in the bath water now has peas prawns and rice entangled into it, perhaps I can start a new trend like lady gaga with the meat dress or carman Miranda with the fruit on her head, or could incorporate it into a new line in furniture decor anything goes these days! 


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