New Vaaaaan

‘Bathtime blog night’ ……So as Micky Flanagan says….Most ambitious kid in his class says, “Sir all I wanna do is drive a vaaaaan” well iv got one like that! My delivery driver aka hubby aka firefighter aka hgv driver aka Mick Mac….. bless him all he wanted was a van, not any old van tho! Not a panel van, not a transit only a Mercedes or a volts-wagon with seats in the back too! I wouldn’t  mind but he hasn’t even got any tools!!! They’re all mine! I do the DIY in our house being a woMAN and all that…..Well we picked up a Mercedes Vito this week, right little beast she is, well big enough for all the furniture I can carry, plus I can get him a third job doing airport runs ? keeeeerrrrrching!  I’m wondering if I can get those dog bars for the back…. not for Roxy and George mind (my beagle and westie ) but for my 5 year old! Honestly, being a working mum running your own business, keeping the house running, cooking etc, I don’t need to tell you women how hard that is on the best of days, but my youngest, I could string him up right now! If I’m not tired of hearing that teacher’s  voice say “can I have a word” in only that voice they were trained to have in nursary prep school, you know that voice, it makes you cringe, it’s sickly sweet, and at the same time reprimanding us as a parent for not being an earth mother with the perfect child that is preferred and expected….. he comes home and things go from bad to worse, he is the spawn of Satan with ginger hair! Yes red heads are fiery! I KNOW this!! My son and my 3 best friends I ever had were all red heads!!! Anyway if I could just lock him in the pet section of the Vito for a couple hours maybe that would work? Don’t worry I could leave him a bowl and put the window down an inch…… (only joking for the sake of all those spirited do gooders) or am I? he he he…… he’s gone to bed! 5.30 pm I will blame it on the fact he’s tired, then he will magically wake with the ability to turn my fury into jelly when he says brightly ” morning mummy, sandwich cuggle? ” then I have to squeeze him tight….. how do our children possess such divine power? Anyway…. PAINT! I have an amazing new metallic from autentico I can’t wait to try out ‘baroque bronze’ and a new technique to try using  ‘glaze’, today has mainly comprised of decoupage bedroom furniture which is rather beautiful and gives a refreshing revamp to any piece…… I can’t wait to get my workshop up and running in the summer……perhaps I can put a cage in there for ‘the ginge’ ?❤️?


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