It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Well iv taken a couple of days off to get my house looking festive, the pictures are of my ‘Cinders’ & ‘Rock Chick’ upcycled Christmas trees made by my fair hand hope you love them….and iv got workmen just starting my downstairs shower room today! I have to wait for my special friend Ian Hayes plastering and bathroom fitter ( chucked in a bit of advertising there ) and I’m his last job of the year, I’m also on the last week of commissions of 2016 and have a large kitchen commission awaiting me for my first job of 2017, this is a new venture for me and a little daunting, difficult to price and hours and hours of work, looking forward to the challenge, I will post before and after pics. This week will see me done, then the rest of the Christmas shopping to do, (I’m pretty organised tho) although the older boys don’t seem to have much for the money, designer stuff and gaming stuff doesn’t come cheap does it?! Yet Billy my 5 year old I can fill a room for the same money! We have 4 boys 21, 16, 15 and 5 ! Yes 5 years old yes I’m crazy yes there’s a huge gap yes I feel like it’s aged me and I’m an old hag most days! I used to have a glamorous job! People used to say to me….. “hey we’re not used to seeing you in scruffs”…. now I get “hey ! you’re dressed up!” BUT it is lovely having all the innocence again of a child’s excitement of Christmas and seeing him perform in the school and church nativity ❤️…Anyway time for a sherry and stick on the carols the holidays are coming and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….and I can’t wait!  Love Claire


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