It comes in 3s (and don’t I know it!)

This is a good read and worth a share… Well, first the boiler went, £340 out of pocket, then I have a flood from blocked pipes (literally, I’m not constipated) now, furniture has had to take a few days back seat and iv been put behind with my commissions after a lovely tenant completely trashed the house we rent. She’s lived in there 2 and half years paying no top up, cut off all contact, wouldn’t answer the door etc, she left unannounced a few days ago and the sight that met us after forcing entry was devastating to say the least, so now I am faced with utilising all my revamping skills to make it habitable again! I could have skipped the lot….BUT you all know me by now, “waste not want not” “don’t dump, DONATE” i must have bagged up at least 60/70 black bin bags full of refuse and clothes shoes and toys etc and at least half will be going to the charity for the homeless and helping young people with substance abuse (on macs shabby shack ‘donate don’t dump’ group Facebook) tired is an understatement but iv got a lot cleaned up in 4 days and by the end of the week we should have made some real headway, all cleared and cleaned and ready for repairs and then decorate. I’m trying to keep positive even tho I would love nothing more at this moment than to punch her lights out!! The photo attached is a donated gift from Emma McLaughlin to check out the rest take a look at the link on my page it’s already had 1k shares and the messages of support have been amazing, Emma (the extremely kind lady)  from Sussex sent me a delivery via tesco of £52 worth of cleaning products and WINE and i don’t even know her, it restores your faith in human nature. Watch this space and… Asta la vista baby 


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