Friday Feeling!

What does that actually mean? I’ve got that Friday feeling? Does it mean…(adapt for you blokes)

…”I’m totally knackered after a tough week and need to chill all weekend with my hair like a scarecrow my bra off my Bridget Jones knickers on and no makeup with wine in hand crashed out on sofa like a sloth???” … OR does it mean…

“Yay!! the weekend is here no work and ready to paaaarrrrrrrttttyyy, trying on loads of outfits for the 3 nights of clubbing, ‘going out makeup’ (for going ‘out out’) socialising, dining out etc etc”…

Depends on your frame of mind I suppose BUT for me this weekend at least it’s the first one!  This weeks commissions are finished, so today just maybe a sale piece then Saturday deliveries, can’t WAIT for my holiday to be laid out in the sun cocktail in hand ? and turning like a spit BRING IT ON!  See you all on Monday! Xx


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