Back to Reality 

Hi again, a few weeks have passed since my last blog, and guess what? I’m in the bath!…Rental will be finished this weekend more or less (and thank  goodness, I need the time back AND the money! ) holiday sadly over…. Sangria by the pool, clear sunny skies, amazing views, gorgeous food, no cooking, no stress….ah blissful…ohhhhh yes spritz on the factor 10 and reeelllllaaaaax oooohhhhhhhhhh…..”sorry. Got lost in the memory there” back to life back to reality back to the here and now’ as the song goes, got a few commissions to keep me busy for a couple of weeks then needing to fill in my book again, worked really hard before the holiday with the rental and trying my best to catch up and be on time with commissions, which I did, and  now my book is open for further work! While it’s a bit quieter I may get chance to get some of those long overdue pieces done awaiting in my storage units, PLUS my mothers! I hate working for family…. ‘You feel so bad for charging, yet it’s your bread and butter’ she’s taken the opportunity of giving me a whole room at a time to sort! “Bless her.” What I would really love is to retire to a little Greek/Italian Jewel , my hubby and boys buy a boat and do trips, and me have a couple of days a week creating my beautiful furniture still while having an afternoon siesta and dip in the pool then a bbq on the beach right outside my house, for tea with fresh fish caught by my middle boy (he loves sea fishing) fresh dark red tomatoes, fresh olives and cheese, with fresh basil and balsamic and an ice cold white wine (or red, whichever takes my fancy) the pool guy massaging my…… Snap out of it Claire dream over ‘back to life, back to reality!’ Furniture furniture furniture, I need to focus on the here and now, watch this space for more delectable delightful debonair makeovers and revamps! And book that piece in you have been meaning to! I need the money for another holiday!!! ❤️


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