21 years 

Where does the time go? My eldest boy is 21 tomorrow, that’s where my wages have gone this week! Private number plate (shares with the future outlaws) and  celebrations! I have made him this, I call it a ‘photogenepix’, and there’s far too many memories to fit in one frame so I have chosen the ones he’s probably forgotten about, I feel almost melancholy yet tinged with happiness that he’s successful in life so far and I don’t mean financially, yes he has an amazing job, a lovely car, a great apartment, but more than that he has a wonderful girlfriend and ‘in laws to be’ that I couldn’t have chosen better for him myself; they’re as crazy as us,  his lady adores the bones of him, yet keeps him in line! (I like that ?) he is ‘happy’ and ‘grounded’ and he knows things in life don’t always come easy but with hard work and determination and by only expecting back what we give out in life. He’s a pain in the ass sometimes and I could hit him with a shovel (often) but he’s MY BOY and I would fight to the death to protect his heart. That’s why as a mum knowing his heart is safe is the best 21st present I could wish for him. I love you son xxx 


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