Girl Power

Performing under pressure!

So you only thought that was only a ‘ mans issue?’ Well I can tell you as a ‘wo’MAN It’s been an extremely tough couple of weeks to say the least, yes I admit Iv had performance issues but I think I’m back on top of the game….and on top of the renovating of the trashed rental and other minor issues that haven’t helped along the way including my 16 year old snapping the key in the huge security padlock on the front of the house forcing us to only use the back door, then coming home to paint ALL over my conservatory floor (that the dogs had used for patterning their tiny paws all over) from him and the 15 year olds babysitting skills of the 4 year old, moving onto the tyre blowing on the car yesterday at yet another £50, with all this going on I STILL have to get out my commissions i have on order, one in particular being a huge job consisting of  7 pieces of living room furniture that I was running behind on, (unusually for me) I am happy to say that commission is sealed signed and delivered! I waited with baited breath as I do with all my commissions for the verdict from my Customer, my tummy having the butterflies waiting for her to say ‘I hate it it’s all wrong I’m not paying!!!’ But I can breathe happy again and cross another off the list and be contented and pour a massive glass of wine because for all the odds stacked up against me I have another happy customer who just sent me…

…”Claire I absolutely love it, you have done a fabulous job!!! I’m over the moon with every single piece!! I love the little hearts hanging off the top draws its just perfect, thank you so much I think I love you ??????

This is why I love my job, when a customer is totally satisfied and in love with their pieces it makes all the stress worthwhile xxx


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