?? “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down”….la la la 

  • Hands up if your ready for some summer sunshine !!!! I HATE this time of year…. I find it utterly depressing, I want my shorts on with a cold cider at my side while painting in the sun…. BLISS, I don’t think I was ever made for English weather, I could dream of living in Italy or Greece with my own little shop painting my furniture, siestas, walks on the beach, late sunsets and warm evening air, sat on the veranda (with wine of course) listening to vintage jazz ohhhhhhhhhh if only, I suppose I can still do the wine and jazz thing here in not so sunny Donny, but I seriously can’t wait for that BBQ season, long days, entertaining, good friends, good wine, good food, and painting in the sunshine…. oh and getting the top down on my Ruby Ruby Ruby, wind blowing through my hair, sunglasses on, BRING ON THE SUMMER!!! But while I’m waiting for that, I’m keeping busy with commissions, done a few tables and chairs already this year, plus a whole kitchen, dressing tables, chairs, bedsides, bedroom set, child’s wardrobe, interior doors…. hope it keeps coming in…. I miss getting dressed up for work, I miss working with others and socialising,  but along with my absolutely paint splattered overalls I still put on my painted face and Dior perfume, and MAC lippy, and my bestest smile and I’m happy to say …..”I LOVE MY JOB” XXX

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